Global independence inspection
and verification resources for oil, gas and renewables


Highly Qualified, multi-disciplined inspectors
operating globally close to vendor location

and design

The provision of qualified, independent engineers
reviewing project design from conception to decommissioning phase

300-075 dumps 300-320 dumps 300-208 dumps 300-135 dumps 400-251 dumps 210-065 dumps Vendor: Cisco Exam Code: 210-060 Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Collaboration Devices v1.0 Q&As: 235QUESTION 1 The Voice engineer in your company need to change IP address destination on SIP-Trunk on near side? A. reset trunk on near side B. reset trunk on far side C. reset trunk on far and near side D. restart call manager service Correct Answer: A Explanation QUESTION 2 What is the recommended maximum https://www.pass4itsure.com/210-060.html one-way latency for voice and video networks? A. 100 ms B. 150 ms C. 200 ms D. 300 ms Correct Answer: B Explanation QUESTION 3 An end user has an 7945 IP phone, but is unable to launch any of the IP phone applications. A network engineer has confirmed that the device is subscribed to the appropriate applications in Cisco Unified Communications Manager. How should the engineer instruct the user to launch the IP phone applications? A. Select the "?" button on the IP phone. B. Select the globe button on the IP phone. C. Select Settings > User Preferences. D. Select Settings > Device Configuration. Correct Answer: B Explanation QUESTION 4 Use the router console to view the configuration and answer the question. When a call is placed from the Branch Router phone to the PSTN number of 914085551212, the call is failing. What dial-peer is supposed to be used and why is the call failing? Select 2 (two) A. dial-peer voice 910 pots B. dial-peer voice 9 pots C. dial-peer voice 9001 voip D. destination pattern is incorrect E. prefix is missing from the dial-peer F. the port assignment is incorrect in the dial-peer G. the port number is missing in the dial-peer Correct Answer: BF Explanation Explanation/Reference: The dial 9, 910, and 9001 dial peer configurations are shown below:Here we see that dial peer 9 and 910 match the same destination pattern, but 9 will be used first. However, the port used should be 0/0/0:15 not 0/0/0:12. QUESTION 5 An engineer receives a service ticket because a user cannot log into Cisco Unified CM User Options. Where can the engineer verify that the user account is active? A. LDAP System Configuration B. LDAP Directory C. End User Configuration D. LDAP Authentication E. Route Plan Report Correct Answer: C Explanation Explanation/Reference: QUESTION 6 A user reports that several IP phones in a single department are displaying a continuous "registering" message. Which fault domain should be investigated? A. network router B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager subscriber node C. network switch D. IP phones E. SIP gateway Correct Answer: C Explanation QUESTION 7 User A notices echo on a call with user B. Both users are using Cisco VoIP phones. User B is using a headset, and user A is using a handset. What is the most likely source of the echo? A. user A handset B. user B headset C. disabled echo cancellation on user A phone profile D. disabled echo cancellation on user B phone profile Correct Answer: B Explanation QUESTION 8 What is needed to support SIP Early Media? A. Media Termination Point B. Transcoder C. Annunciator D. Conference Bridge E. DSP F. Route List Correct Answer: A Explanation QUESTION 9 Which three characteristics are associated with voice? (Choose three.) A. greedy B. TCP retransmits C. UDP priority D. delay sensitive E. drop insensitive F. benign G. benign or greedy Correct Answer: CDFExplanation QUESTION 10 With GETVPN, if a key server is configured to use multicast as the rekey transport mechanism, then under which of these conditions will the key server retransmit the rekey messages? A. It never retransmit the rekey messages B. it only retransmit the rekey message when it does not receive the rekey acknowledgment from at least one group member C. it only retransmit the rekey message when it does not receive the rekey acknowledgment from all group member D. it only retransmit the rekey message when DPD to the group members fails E. it always retransmit the rekey message Correct Answer: E Explanation QUESTION 11 In an effort to proactively manage IP telephony infrastructure, a network engineer wants to review usage reports that provide top five users, top five calls, and traffic summary. Which option describes where this information can be retrieved using Cisco Unified Communications Manager? A. Navigate to Cisco Unified CM Administration > CDR Analysis and Reporting >System Reports > System Overview > Select desired reports. B. Navigate to Cisco Unified Operating System Administration > Tools > System Reports > System Overview > Select desired reports. C. Navigate to Cisco Unified Serviceability > Tools > CDR Analysis and Reporting > System Reports > System Overview > Select desired reports. D. Navigate to Cisco Unified Reporting > Tools > System Reports > System Overview > Select desired reports. Correct Answer: C Explanation

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Inspection Verification Bureau Ltd

IVB and its vastly experienced team operate from Great Yarmouth, Aberdeen and Abu Dhabi with highly-qualified associate engineers worldwide, offering versatile independent engineering verification and inspection of projects to the oil & gas, renewables and wider industrial sectors.


About us

Vendor Inspection

Whatever your independent inspection requirements, we can help in one or all aspects. IVB is a truly international company operating on a scale which means we can offer a quick response, competitive costs, high efficiency and total quality.

System Verification

Our experienced team of assessors operates a high quality independent verification service worldwide from its Great Yarmouth base at the heart of the North Sea oil & gas industry and the emerging renewables sector. >

Engineering Consultancy

Backed by our team’s international experience in independent inspection and verification, IVB can give you an expert engineering consultancy service across the oil & gas, renewables and wider industrial scene. >

Projection Management

The wide-ranging skills and worldwide experience of the IVB team in both inspection and verification mean we can offer you professional and independent project management services from concept to completion. >

Operating throughout:

  • The UK
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  •  Africa (North, South, East, West)
  • USA & Canada
  • Central & South America
  • Far East
  • Australia